July 13 2016

Set alarm this morning, slept through it because jaw hurt and didn’t want to wake up and deal. Made it to Library to see “snake lady” just before big storms started rolling in. Saw Carly and Angie. No second grade teachers for E’s community next year. Wonder what they’ll do?
E got to touch a speckled King snake. Lady told them no rattlers in this area. I didn’t tell her I nearly stepped on one in our yard when I was pregnant. No more night watering after that!
Storms all afternoon and evening. E wants to go see swinging bridges. I told her we’ll go, but not until flooding calmed down.
Found out pain meds don’t do as much for my teeth pain as Motrin does. Hole is about half closed now. Hoping to feel normal next week. After pain from mural and now teeth for two weeks, I’m over the whole pain thing.
Did some painting on pantry this afternoon. Need to pick up more paint. Already have paint and color scheme decided for new house. I sure hope this doesn’t go to hell at the last minute.
SO much rain tonight. Really glad we don’t live in flood area. Need to mow again with all the rain. Garden is doing really well though. We’re going to have buckets of watermelon if it keeps raining like this.
Would like to get some sewing done one day…
18th anniversary coming up Sunday. Seems like another lifetime ago sometimes. We were both so different then.
Hopefully progress made this week on estate stuff and paperwork starting to be signed soon. Have to keep getting projects here wrapped up ASAP. Sometimes I wish I didn’t start so many things and not finish them!
E has a play date next week. I guess we’ve joined the yuppie parents and kids for real now. Showing my age… Do they even still call them that?
Rain is SO loud.
I have trouble sleeping in storms.

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