January 3rd, 2018

Failed at NYs Resolution idea already… daily positive writing. I’m positive I will forget to do this more often than I remember to do it. Does that count? LOL 

Painted hallway beautiful silvery grey today. Thinking lighter tone for ceiling/opposite wall. I’m covering the house in 50 shades… lmao. 

Decided on dark woods instead of white trim,  looks more craftsman, better fit to the house, will help age it a bit and distract from the gold- finish everything, 90’s gaudy hell. 

Pretty trim bought to cover up butchered patch job on living room windows. Piece of perforated sheet metal coming to recover the intake register.  I’ll need to find trim for a frame. 

Painting this week at other house. Need to get done as much as possible. Still no letter in mail. >:-(

I guess it gives us more time to prepare. Need tires on car, brakes, pay down CCs. Will get back to playing with spiders when it warms up a bit. Need to water trees in spite of cold. SO dry right now. 

Drogo time.


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