July 17th, 2015 Happy A Day


Spent the morning picking blackberries and checking out progress in the garden. Pumpkin vines have grown several inches since I put them on the trellis. Picked another cucumber; 3rd this week, not at all bitter. Lots of green tomatoes, no red yet. Peppers are starting to flower. Such a late start to everything this year!
Picked another whole bowl of blackberries. E got bored and went inside before I was finished. Watered lightly. Not sure how much is necessary after all the rain.
Fixed the cord for the pool pump. The gfci circuit board inside the plug shorted out because it somehow got water in it. Mister came home early. Played some hearthstone, gave presents. Mister got me a steam punk necklace… Same one I bought several years ago for summer solstice. Was a bit funny. He got another coffee mug, but this one with The Walking Dead on it.
Had dinner at Outback. E took pictures, forgot leftovers I was going to give O. Stopped for Pepper, came home. Played few games of Hearthstone. E upset Dad showed me how to play, but won’t walk her through games so she can win.
I did some editing on my kids book.
Put E to bed, watched Under The Dome, walked dogs, went to bed. And here I am… Writing this. 🙂
– B

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