July 18th 2015


Rough start to day. Talked E into letting “Mousey” go when I realized she was frantically trying to escape cage.
Cleared out a space and brought rat cage down, brought two new rats home. Named them Anna and Elsa. House now smells like a barnyard.

Went to dinner at The Creek. Walked with E. Saw two bunnies, 3 deer, 6 ft blacksnake, hen turkey and 3 turkey chicks. Watched  turkeys out back window.
Kittens covered in fleas. Hoping it doesn’t wind up in our house again. I despise fleas.
E played cards with Th. R & Dad talked, I played plants vs zombies and tried to crawl into my introvert shell for a while.
Worked on cover letter for book submissions today. Letter needs some serious revamping. Some of the humor from the book might help.
Very tired. Got home almost midnight.

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