July 21, 2015

Mostly quiet day. E grounded from “screens” for finding excuses to get up after going to bed. Spent most of the day playing with dogs and toys because of it. Screens off not necessarily a bad thing. Made an impression though. She was very good today and no issues tonight at bedtime.
Gave O too many treats, she had massive diarrhea in LR. 140lb dog crapping on the carpet is about like letting a horse do its business in your house. Spent a good part of afternoon cleaning up that mess and saving the monster book she pooped on. Wiped pages down with bleach wipes, dried with hair dryer, ironed. Not perfect, but no poo stains or smell.
Went to store. Tourists still didn’t get the memo that the weekend is over. Running around the store in bikinis. E tells them they should put some clothing on. Lol
I wonder if they dress like that to go in the store at home?
Supposed to go to pool with school friends tomorrow. I’m dreading the swimsuit thing. What else is new? Probably 15 last time I wasn’t horribly body conscious.
No time to  get rats out today. Hopefully tomorrow after pool.
M invited us to a party her friend is throwing for her teenage daughter. Must send her the memo about my being an introvert that generally hates parties. 😉
Can’t go anyway, prior commitments to help Th. move some things at the farm.
Should get some sleep so that I’m not tired AND stressed tomorrow. Hang out at the pool they said… It will be fun, they said…

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