July 26th, 2015

Missed several posts… Busy and tired.
Went to M’s on Thurs, played in the creek. Found fossil, saved a wolf spider from drowning. E explored both sides. Creek has rerouted during the flood. Car battery was dead. M drove us home, charged battery overnight, was fine in AM. Hopefully will get to go back out before school starts. Can’t believe only 3 full weeks left already. Where did summer go???

ILs over on Friday. Veggie soup. Lightning knocked out power couple times, fried the surround sound. T replaced today. I was exhausted last night. To much people-ing I think. Certain people are a huge drain on my energy, makes me crabby.
Played some Hearthstone, grilled chicken, listened to Disney tunes before bed. Trying to get Chore Monster working for E so she can have allowance next week.

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