August 2nd

Felt like a short weekend. Took E  to library on Saturday while T went to creek to deliver cucumbers. Told not to visit because they were too tired, but kept him there talking until after 3. (His observation, not mine) Spent rest of afternoon playing a little WOW, then grilling burgers. I was fine with a weekend off. Too much peopling makes me cranky.
Sunday built a spice rack from pallets. I need to find more stuff to make from them. Spice rack turned out pretty well. Still need to stain, but not sure of cabinet color yet, so I’ll wait.
Next weekend Harrison, which always wears me out. SO MUCH going on and always wall to wall people. I have fun, but need several days to recuperate. Almost feels like a hangover after.
School starts in 16 days. Mixed feelings. I get SO used to having E home, but I also need to get back to writing. Have to force myself to work on projects this year, get book published. I keep changing the big book. Although I have an ending now, which may help the rest move right along. I want to do a bit more character development before I launch into the edgy scenes. I thought about taking supernatural aspect out, but then decided it was more fun in.
T got approved for mileage, hopefully we can get some things caught up now. Need new tires on both vehicles. Licensing coming up too. I’d really like a new sewing machine.
Keep considering my mother, then deciding against trying to fix. Thinking about M is usually what puts me off making the effort. All those lies and so much fake. I wonder if she is capable of telling the truth? I’m sure she’s told some whoppers in past year, thinking we are gone and she’ll never have to answer for them. Like the ones she tells friends she thinks I’ll never meet. Has made for some awkward moments in the past.

Have to get to sleep. Will soon be getting up early to take E to school again.

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