Monday, August 3rd

15 days till school starts. Does it seem I’m counting down? I guess I am. Not bc I’m in a hurry to send her off though. I’m hoping I do better this year and do something productive while E’s at school, instead of sitting around here, depressed and thinking about things that should be long dead to me and left alone. Last year was rough.
Already I’m thinking, “Just one more lunch and errand day together before I go back to shopping alone.” Getting grown up SO freaking fast… And about to come into that age that I can still remember vividly from my own childhood. Tunnels through wild roses, riding my purple bike with no breaks down Hollyhock. The apocalyptic rock fight with the Murphy’s. Rich’s little brother siphoning gas from Mom’s car. Getting a tape recorder for my 8th birthday and my first 2 albums- Thriller and She’s So Unusual. Collecting Bryer horses. Playing with Patrick and Jerred in the back yard.
I wonder what she will remember? I try to make good memories for her. Things she can look back and remember us spending REAL time together. I want her to be confident in herself now. She’ll need all she can get in about 5 years. For every great memory I have of how epic it was being 8, I have an equal number of horror stories I can recall from 12-17.
We had lunch together at El Caporal today. Opened her a savings account. She spent the afternoon playing with toy handcuffs from the grocery store.
Supposed to make cobbler tomorrow. Maybe we’ll find time to go to the woods for a bit.

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