Wednesday, August 5th

Couple of quiet days. Worked on E’s scrapbook for the past school year Tuesday. As usual, it won’t be finished until she’s already in the next grade. I’m going to have to get a new bookshelf in the office to hold them all. I picked the biggest binder available and still had to use two of them for this one year. They give them SO much paper at public school. I haven’t even added our personal pictures yet, just her school stuff. I even threw about 25% of it in the trash… Worksheets she’d only half finished or were repeats that she’d had over and over.
Next week we’ll get to find out who her teacher is.
Today we watched movies because it rained all day. The most ambitious thing I did was color my hair and wax.
I think tomorrow we are going to go play in the creek. I want to do fun stuff this next week and a half instead of working. I can knock out projects while she is at school. Hopefully this year, I can stay a little more focused instead of watching reruns and being depressed. What a waste that was. I’d love to be able to say I have a publisher by Christmas. It would also be nice to have several chapters of my book written. U guess we’ll see. I also have house things, yard projects and exercise I want to get in. Maybe I’ll be too busy to mope about. 😉

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