Saturday, August 15

Worked on E’s new tree house most of the day. Got walls up. Back wall even has a window. Planning pulley system, chalk board, tire climb and rope ladder for the rest. Going to add swing set later. She was very happy with progress. 99% built from scrap lumber, tires and mostly pallet wood, which was free.
Ladder materials and pulley system will add about $40.
T going to help move stuff from farm tomorrow. Plans to start a beehive this fall to go between the garden and fruit trees I want to plant when I build mounds for them. Need to clear top of hill tomorrow anyway, I think we’re getting a tractor. More equipment we get, the better this land is becoming. Moving some tires out to camping area tomorrow. I’m thinking of building camp chairs out of them somehow.
We already have a huge coffee table made of pallets. Just needs sanded and stained.
I have a list of house projects a mile long and yard projects two miles long, hoping to keep me busy this fall and winter. Last year sucked SO bad. I was depressed about my family, then E gone 8 hours a day at school. I spent WAY too much time moping around, being depressed. Don’t want to waste time like that this year. I have too much I’d like to do. Plus, I’m hoping more exercise and less depression will help keep the pain from getting so out of control. It always hurts more when I sit and have time to dwell on it.

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