April 15, 2016

Didn’t sleep well last night, forgot to take pills before bed… Yeesh getting old. Arthritis sucks. Wrote a very long letter today to part of extended family. Wondering if it will make a difference or be wasted paper. Always find myself referring to Atlas during times of great stress, almost as if it were a bible. Maybe it is… Mine at least.
Went to school early, used my volunteer badge to get E and go to back parking, front lot is a zoo because of the carnival in middle school parking lot. People parking in ditch and @ the Baptist church. I don’t abuse the badge often. Finished decorating while I waited on the bell. At least I did something volunteer-ish. 😉

Ice cream at DQ with E after school. Home for a bit, worked on that note some more… I know, I’m not penning a novel, but the message has to be right… Only one shot at this. Ball practice. Wandered about, got pictures. E distracted today, didn’t seem that interested in playing. Wonder if she’s getting discouraged? Ordered a practice tool so she can work on batting. N hit every single ball, then popped one off the bat right into his face. Bloody nose, poor kid. Note to self, put first aid kit in the car. First game is this coming Monday. Hope E snaps out of her funk and gets into it.

T supposed to at least get milage today, nothing yet. Supposedly, they have resolved the issue for a few months. Sinking… Sinking… I really hope he gets hired by another contractor soon. I hate wondering if we can pay bills from week to week w/o wiping out our savings.
Casey’s Pizza tonight. Had to eat cheap. T’s going fishing tomorrow. Not my thing, I’ll yard or WOW. Already have my first sunburn of summer. Time to start using that sunscreen! Yard looks especially beautiful this year. Maybe I’m just happy to see it all bloom… Maybe the last time.

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