Thursday, June 30th

Yard therapy going well. Forgot how much my landscape actually needs me to maintain order and not swallow the yard like Jumanji vines.
E passed out in our bed while I was making dinner. Been getting up way too early to play her games. Going to have to be mean mom and make her go outside more.
She likes loves the pool, just doesn’t want much to do with yard work. Has been pretty good about checking garden though. So many cucumbers already!!!
Going to farm AGAIN tomorrow to deal with cat hiding in walls. If no cat in trap, I’m taking a dry wall knife and yanking that little sucker out with gloves. I’m over the whole going up there for the cat thing. Never should have been left in the house in first place.
Knee is much better now. Nerve pain in arm/shoulder still sucks. Plan to find rheumatologist soon. Still no $ from T’s work. Got one check on May 6th… Nothing in June. More lies, more empty promises. T’s job is apparently a narc.
Wish the cat trap caught cats as well as my trap catches mice. Our cat is a fail cat. Rocks was a good mouser, another reason I miss her. Even if she did leave me parts.

Not many blackberries this summer. Too dry during the crucial time. They are all small, slow to turn, very little sugar. Good thing we had a good crop last year. I need to make cobbler soon.

Teeth in very back or maybe my jaw hurting past several days. Waiting to see if T gets paid and how much before calling dentist. Already owe $300+. Yay insurance? Apparently ours is rather lacking.

I wish my body would develop an auto immunity to my fat cells like it has my joints, thyroid, allergies, etc. It seems to hang onto those like precious jewels.

Bought E a reading lamp. Reading before bed at night now instead of fighting about going to sleep. Finished two 100+ page chapter books this week already! Maybe have finally found a way to make reading not a chore.

Now if only I can find a way to get her to join me outside.