October 15, 2016

Long time since I’ve posted anything. Cat has finally been removed from wall. Still fighting relatives re: status of resolving everything in the trust. Ppl acting with typical greed/entitlement syndrome rather than trying to preserve what grandparents have built. Sad and frustrating. I just want to see it restored and made a gathering place for friends and family again. Or at least “made” family like Dennis, since both of our families are so incredibly f%$&#ed up. 

We have a new puppy. Malinois border collie mix. They call it a Malin collie. We call her Lenore. If you don’t understand

 why, I’m not going to try and explain it to you… ppl look at me as if I’m crazy when I start talking about Poe and the Ravens. Are you doing it now? Then stop reading this blog. Immediately. Go stalk someone that reads Nora Robert’s novels and takes those relationship quizzes in Cosmopolitan. 

I was afraid new puppy would be a nightmare at first. Our two adult dogs are extremely mellow bordering on just plain lazy. This puppy, the demon spawn of two energetic breeds, MUST be exercised daily, else she will chew everything in the house, including us and the lazy dogs. 

So I stated walking her every day to maintain my sanity. And I’m finding that even though my back hurts today and I had to buy better walking shoes than my Walmart specials, I am holding up ok. My hands have been he’ll with the weather shift and I’ll soon wish someone would just chop them off the pain will be so bad… but so far, the walking seems to be not only NOT hurting, but maybe even HELPING a bit. 

I started out with very short, quick adventures. After a week, I’m happy to report that Olivia pulls less, Lenore is nearly leash broke already and I am not feeling like I need to be in a wheelchair. We’re up to almost half hour walks. Which may seem REALLY pitiful to some, but it was progress for us. The arthritis pain in my back, hips, shoulders didn’t really abate this summer. Normally I get a period of respite between spring and fall. This year though, I had several weeks where I felt my pelvis was full of shards of hot glass. Yes, it’s as pleasant as it sounds. 

So the demon doggie it turns out is not so demonic after all and she is, in fact, good for me it seems. 

Other than this- T is hunting with the boys. We see less and less of him as deer season progresses. E made robotics and choir. I spend my time taking care of the family zoo between trips to school. I’ve volunteered myself to do the Halloween party @school. This requires I call people and organize stuff. Whatever was I thinking? I guess we’ll see how it goes. Socially inept introverts shouldn’t organize parties. We should just run the crafts table or something.