February 5th, 2017

So many things going on right now…

Finished painting cabinets.  Few things left in kitchen,  then start on bathroom.  Weekends cleaning out farm.  Forgot what relaxing feels like, hopefully no more renovation after farm is done. Waiting on lawyers, I am far from patient. Want to tell people,  afraid I’ll jinx it. Cut trees, moved 95% of main house to other house.  Felt empty, but really good.  Got to visit with Dennis. Huge scar from broken deep V branch on tree up front. Cut off rot, sealed scar, hopefully tree will recover. Worried about condition of big oaks. 

Wishing I could plan a garden this year. Too much work in house to be outside. Find this distressing.  Miss walking with dogs. Saw 9 turkeys. Sent box marked,  “Steins and assorted spiders” Decided to abandon fridge.  Mouse nests all over trailer.  SO many projects there.  Need to get started. Wish papers were signed already.  

Very extremely much tired. Considering self publishing. Tired of sitting on ideas that I’m not acting on. Amazed how much my dad as kid looks like me in photos. Often wonder if I could have known him better. 

Have a planning book. Lawyers need to hurry up so I can put it to work.