July 27th, 2015

Not too much going on today. Tried to get some yard work done, but the heat is so oppressive that it’s almost impossible. Managed to weed eat the garden, go to the store. Little else. E played games on the old XBox all day.
Mr. had what I hope remains good news. Work is willing to pay him mileage. May be able to get things caught up and start paying off the smaller loans.
Have to get up early to work on the yard before the heat sets in. Better get some sleep.

July 26th, 2015

Missed several posts… Busy and tired.
Went to M’s on Thurs, played in the creek. Found fossil, saved a wolf spider from drowning. E explored both sides. Creek has rerouted during the flood. Car battery was dead. M drove us home, charged battery overnight, was fine in AM. Hopefully will get to go back out before school starts. Can’t believe only 3 full weeks left already. Where did summer go???

ILs over on Friday. Veggie soup. Lightning knocked out power couple times, fried the surround sound. T replaced today. I was exhausted last night. To much people-ing I think. Certain people are a huge drain on my energy, makes me crabby.
Played some Hearthstone, grilled chicken, listened to Disney tunes before bed. Trying to get Chore Monster working for E so she can have allowance next week.

July 21, 2015

Mostly quiet day. E grounded from “screens” for finding excuses to get up after going to bed. Spent most of the day playing with dogs and toys because of it. Screens off not necessarily a bad thing. Made an impression though. She was very good today and no issues tonight at bedtime.
Gave O too many treats, she had massive diarrhea in LR. 140lb dog crapping on the carpet is about like letting a horse do its business in your house. Spent a good part of afternoon cleaning up that mess and saving the monster book she pooped on. Wiped pages down with bleach wipes, dried with hair dryer, ironed. Not perfect, but no poo stains or smell.
Went to store. Tourists still didn’t get the memo that the weekend is over. Running around the store in bikinis. E tells them they should put some clothing on. Lol
I wonder if they dress like that to go in the store at home?
Supposed to go to pool with school friends tomorrow. I’m dreading the swimsuit thing. What else is new? Probably 15 last time I wasn’t horribly body conscious.
No time toΒ  get rats out today. Hopefully tomorrow after pool.
M invited us to a party her friend is throwing for her teenage daughter. Must send her the memo about my being an introvert that generally hates parties. πŸ˜‰
Can’t go anyway, prior commitments to help Th. move some things at the farm.
Should get some sleep so that I’m not tired AND stressed tomorrow. Hang out at the pool they said… It will be fun, they said…

July 18th 2015


Rough start to day. Talked E into letting “Mousey” go when I realized she was frantically trying to escape cage.
Cleared out a space and brought rat cage down, brought two new rats home. Named them Anna and Elsa. House now smells like a barnyard.

Went to dinner at The Creek. Walked with E. Saw two bunnies, 3 deer, 6 ft blacksnake, hen turkey and 3 turkey chicks. Watched  turkeys out back window.
Kittens covered in fleas. Hoping it doesn’t wind up in our house again. I despise fleas.
E played cards with Th. R & Dad talked, I played plants vs zombies and tried to crawl into my introvert shell for a while.
Worked on cover letter for book submissions today. Letter needs some serious revamping. Some of the humor from the book might help.
Very tired. Got home almost midnight.

July 17th, 2015 Happy A Day


Spent the morning picking blackberries and checking out progress in the garden. Pumpkin vines have grown several inches since I put them on the trellis. Picked another cucumber; 3rd this week, not at all bitter. Lots of green tomatoes, no red yet. Peppers are starting to flower. Such a late start to everything this year!
Picked another whole bowl of blackberries. E got bored and went inside before I was finished. Watered lightly. Not sure how much is necessary after all the rain.
Fixed the cord for the pool pump. The gfci circuit board inside the plug shorted out because it somehow got water in it. Mister came home early. Played some hearthstone, gave presents. Mister got me a steam punk necklace… Same one I bought several years ago for summer solstice. Was a bit funny. He got another coffee mug, but this one with The Walking Dead on it.
Had dinner at Outback. E took pictures, forgot leftovers I was going to give O. Stopped for Pepper, came home. Played few games of Hearthstone. E upset Dad showed me how to play, but won’t walk her through games so she can win.
I did some editing on my kids book.
Put E to bed, watched Under The Dome, walked dogs, went to bed. And here I am… Writing this. πŸ™‚
– B

Nothing here!

I had forgotten I had this WordPress blog. Which is nice, because I don’t have to start a new one or look for online journal things.
I was looking through old pictures today, trying to find ones of Tom and I together for our 16th anniversary, which was today.
There really weren’t as many as I thought. I didn’t start going crazy taking pictures until our daughter was born and even then, all of those are of her.
Nobody visits or pays attention to this blog. It would be nice to have a frequent journal of the little things we do that I don’t deem social media worthy. I spend most of that time lurking and reading people’s memes anyway.