Wow, I suck at updating

In my defense, I was basically using this site to work out inner demons, relieve stress, etc. and I haven’t really felt the need for cheap therapy in quite some time now. I’ve been outside a lot and that usually does the trick just as well or better than rambling on here to nobody in particular. So I guess the good news is, I don’t have a lot of pent up crap I need to work through anymore. I just kind of let it go…


Being here is good for that. You can stare at the fields, walk in the woods, hang out by the lake, play with the dogs and forget that you have a past- that there were crap boyfriends, or failed friendships or relationships with family that should have required professional therapy. I go out in the garden, I listen to the birds, watch the deer and turkey and all of that other garbage just sort of falls away. It doesn’t matter anymore.  I’ve always been rather an introvert anyway, so it’s not an issue to ignore other people’s drama, politics, etc. I don’t watch the news. I don’t read Twitter or Instagram. I signed up for a bunch of groups on Facebook that mostly just post pretty nature pictures. I’m turning into a hermit/hippie and loving it. It’s peaceful.

Taking care of this place, making it better, that’s what’s important now. The rest is just background noise and static.

So yeah, I suck at updating my websites now. But I’m good with that… and that’s really all that matters. 🙂