This site still doesn’t know what it wants to be when it grows up


Guys, I have no freaking idea what this site is about or where it’s headed. I use it to ramble about stuff that’s bugging me or occasionally just STUFF in general, but I don’t know that it has a purpose or theme outside of random BS.

I really just bought the domain and put something on it, because I didn’t want some rando owning the name and parking ads or some such crap on it and holding it hostage in case I did want it for something later.

I write about most of my hobbies on Dirt, so I don’t need to do that here. I’ve put some pretty dark stuff on here when I was having a bad day or 3am thoughts, but I don’t really want to fill an entire site with lamentations or angry, brooding angsty crap, because 99.9% of the time, that’s not where I am. But having a site full of that makes it seem like that’s ALL I’m doing, plus do I don’t need an online reminder of those moments, nor do I need to put more of that garbage out into the world, there is enough of it there already.

So I don’t know what to talk about here. Nothing maybe. Maybe it just sits? Maybe it’s just for this- occasional ramblings about not knowing what to ramble about. LOL This is why I don’t make videos for my other sites, because I tend to do this when I talk too.

I’m excited about Monday and Tuesday, we have all kinds of Solstice stuff planned to do. We started doing the homeschool thing when my daughter’s school when “hybrid” learning- meaning half video online at home and half time in class. She was just over it and said she’d rather just homeschool full time, so that’s what we’re doing now. It meant she got to take the horseback riding lessons she’s been wanting because it didn’t conflict with school schedule. It means we get to do some really cool stuff the next two days for the Solstice. I have a whole two days planned of science, astronomy, stuff about paganism and Yule- we’re making a Yule log, home-made wassail and natural bird feeders, having a bonfire and going out to look at the Saturn/Jupiter conjunction that’s happening.

Tom just called- he’s out with Ely doing 4-H and the car won’t start, so I have to go rescue them. Laters.